Islamic Table Banners

Abu Hurairah (RDA) narrates that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “He who calls another to guidance will have a reward equal to the reward of him who follows him, without the reward decreasing in either of them.”
(Sahih Muslim)

If Allah guides a person through you it is better than all that on EarthALLAH-icon Islamic table banners:

We unfortunately do not sell Islamic table banners.

However, you can:

  1. Click on the image below to open a new web link with the JPEG Islamic table banner.
  2. Find a vinyl banner print company through eBay or google.
  3. Copy the web link for the JPEG Islamic table banner or save the image, send to the print company and they will print and post.
  4. Velcro hook and loopBanners usually come with eyelets to attach onto a table using hooks or screws. However, we recommend using the self-adhesive sticky velcro hook and loop instead, which can be purchased cheaply from eBay as these tend to withstand windy conditions.

6ft by 2ft front table banner.

4ft by 2ft front table banner. 

ft by 2ft side table banner.

Some commonly asked questions about our Islamic table banners:

1. Why should I use table banners?

Many people tend to walk or drive past a dawah table and are reluctant to approach a dawah table.

Large Islamic tables banners provide an opportunity for passers by to clearly see that your are distributing free literature and to encourage them to approach you to find out more about Islam.

2. Why do table banners by contain our logo and website?

The logo and website provides people with an opportunity to find out about Islam even if they do not collect any leaflets.

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