Free Islamic Leaflets

Abu Hurairah (RDA) narrates that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “He who calls another to guidance will have a reward equal to the reward of him who follows him, without the reward decreasing in either of them.”
(Sahih Muslim)

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If Allah guides a person through you it is better than all that on Earth

bullet point - yellow tick Ensure that the content and website link remain exactly the same.

bullet point - yellow tick Printing information for printing companies: A6 with single fold (A5 folded in half), 135GSM paper size, colour and glossy. Printing companies can be found on EBay, Google or somewhere local to you.

ALLAH-icon Islamic leaflets (A6 size – A5 folded in half):







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ALLAH-icon Some commonly asked questions about our Islamic leaflets:


1. Can we make changes to your Islamic leaflets?

No thank you. Please do not make any changes to the leaflet content or website address . A lot of thought, research and effort were put into it and the content has been verified by our scholars.

2. Why do our Islamic leaflets contain such minimal content compared to other Islamic leaflets/booklets?

We made our leaflets reader friendly and concise because we believe and pray that this will encourage people to take the leaflets and read them. For more information, they can visit our website!

3. Why are our Islamic leaflets so small?

  1. The size makes our leaflets reader friendly.
  2. People can take our leaflets and easily fold them inside their pockets.
  3. For those who print and distribute, the printing costs are cheaper!

4. How can I print these leaflets?

You can find a local print company online through a search engine such as Google or use one from EBay or Amazon.

5. What settings are recommended if I am having the leaflets printed?

We recommend the following: A6 with single fold (A5 folded in half), 135GSM paper size, colour printing and glossy.